Saturday, February 13, 2016

Flight Pro Sim 2016

The flight simulator 2016 software nowadays seems so saturated with all sought of sims screaming for attention. With all kinds of flight sim games 2016 existing in the market today, one may find it difficult to choose for an excellent software that can give them the real-life flying experience that they are looking for.
One of the biggest problems in most flight simulators 2016 today is the integration of the element called ‘realism’. They claim to be as realistic as possible but once user get into it, the flight seem feels like just an arcade game where cockpits may feel gimmicky and flight condition seem so controlled. If it’s a realistic flight sim experience that you are looking after, Flight Pro Sim 2016 greatly differs from any other sims out there.

Flight Pro Sim 2016 is considered as one of the exceptional product around when it comes to the notion of realism. This flight simulator 2016 game offers everyone with ‘real life flying’ experience with accurate mapping, exact scenery based on the world’s data and with more than 200,000+ airports and 80+ different planes. The system is not only limited in myriad of flight settings and diverse aircraft, but Flight Pro Sim 2016 also provide a real-like environment under certain weather conditions. The system has obtained approval from FAA and has been long use for professional pilot training. This one-of-a-kind simulator is equipped with everything from different terrains, planetary alignments and aircraft reactions and movements, which is built as close as real life.

Flight Pro Sim 2016 Features

Accurate Controls and Instruments

Flight Pro Sim 2016 has an accurate virtual cockpit controls that are based from a real-life cockpits. The flight simulator 2016 also uses Google Maps to help keep an accurate mapping and up-to-date time zone. The system is also equipped excellent 3D rendering of all famous landmarks, towns, cities and other location which you wouldn’t expect from any advance simulator. This feature is always kept up to date, thus, offering a real opportunity to join an amateur aviation community. Another exciting feature of Flight Pro Sim 2016 is that you’ll have the freedom to slow time and allow some random events to happen, therefore giving you the feeling of real life flying when equipment fail or some challenges in your flight arise.

Lots of Options to Enjoy

There are more than 100+ aircraft to master, including military planes, helicopters, fighter jets and even the 1903 Wright Flyer. You can also pick from over 20,000+ airport added in the changeable weathers. The sceneries are indeed ultra-realistic so you will feel like you are actually landing in specific spot on various part of the globe. Advanced control also includes full traffic control, accurate instrument approach and browse international properties display. You can also navigate through different directory listing and set its property by clicking on them.

OpenGL Graphics Rendering

As an added bonus, Flight Pro Sim 2016 is gives users the benefit of OpenGL graphics rendering, which means that the program gives you the freedom to have a complete control over your flight sim. Thus, you can just do about anything that you want to make your flight sim 2016 as realistic as it could be. Customization is no limited as your imagination.

Download Flight Pro Sim 2016

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